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After Kristen Wiig’s announcement that she’d be leaving the cast of Saturday Night Live, I felt a sad emptiness in my heart, one that just continues being sad and empty forever and ever. Then I realized I was being a crazy person and that this kind of thing happens all the time — there WILL be a new lady to fill that void and keep my Saturday nights full of laughter and imaginary friendships… and her name is Abby Elliot!

Abby has been a cast member for three seasons but has been shining as of late with her hilarious impressions of Zooey Deschanel, Khloe Kardashian, and most recently, herself! In the hilarious new web series, The Assistant, Abby plays a ditzy boss searching for the perfect assistant from whom she wishes to learn important life lessons such as counting, how money works and how to flush a toilet — and who better for the job than an almost clone of herself with an almost same name who happens to be more smart, more grounded, and well… more sane!

Watching Abye “interview” Abby is so entertaining and funny that I almost forget the fact that SNL is on vacation right now (but still, don’t remind me), and makes the empty whole in my heart begin to feel full again. Oh and good news — Abby gets the job! What’s in store for the misadventures of Abye and her assistant? The anticipation is killing me!


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