Comediva Pick: Batman Can’t Stop Thinking about Sex

Batman can’t stop thinking about sex. And who can blame him?

Batman, the lonely hero who lives in the depths of Gotham, has more on his mind then just fighting crime. I’m sure he gets tired of thinking about fighting off villains all day everyday! Give the poor guy a break! He wears a rubber suit in the name of justice! Let’s face it Alfred can only do so much to keep poor Bruce sane, but there are some other needs that protecting Gotham just can’t fulfill. Sexual needs.

I’m sure we were all curious what had happened between Bruce Wayne and Miranda during “The Dark Knight Rises”. BAM Miranda is the plot twist bad guy in the end, SURPRISE!! That gets you thinking… how “bad” is she really? Maybe she likes that kinky rubber suit fetish thing… or maybe it was just an evil ploy to gain his trust…meh either way Batman found access to her “batcave” for sure!

In this Comediva Pick you can clearly see that Bruce was able to get his “Dark Knight” to “rise” and take Miranda for a ride on his “Batmobile”… or whatever he’s got going on under that utility belt.

Batman shows us his hard on for sex even after he has be penetrated in the ribs by a knife. He just can’t stop thinking about sex!!
Maybe it’s better for Bruce to find the naughty girls to answer his bat calls so that in the end he just has to finish them off…err… well you know what I mean.


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