Comediva Pick: Animals Acting Like Sharks Week

What I love most about this video is the attention to detail, especially where production values are concerned. The filmmakers must have diligently cut fins from the right density of Styrofoam, probably with some kind of powered laser. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the wardrobe contingency accurately chose to dress the faux fins in the specific shade of Pantone’s “Shark Week Cerulean.” This painstaking process allowed the auteurs at Revision3 to create this effective feline-centric underwater moving-tableau.

As far as performance is concerned, you can tell that the fellow in the cage was almost certainly not trained as a Shakespearean actor, which is quite the risk for a viral YouTube video to take.

Also, this short provides insightful commentary as to what Shark Week means to “the people.” Aren’t we, after all, collectively stuck in our tiny Internet cage, dangling at the mercy of dangerously adorable Internet cat videos?


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