Comediva of the Week: Nora Ephron

Words, words, words.  This Comediva of the Week has earned a place in our hearts and minds through the written word.  Nora Ephron isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she tells the world like it is in both her fiction and her non-fiction.

As a young writer, Nora fought for her place in the male-dominated world of journalism, and she earned it.  She was a fearless, persistent reporter who never let anyone off easy.  She uncovered scoop, criticized, and wrote about the world’s movers and shakers, even criticizing the feminist movement when she felt they were getting too caught up in internal disputes.

And because one bad-ass career wasn’t enough for Nora, she decided to take on film, penning some of our favorite, most woman-friendly movies, from 1983’s Silkwood to 2009’s Julie and Julia.  In between, she wrote classics such as Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally.  Who can forget the orgasm scene, a funny and insightful truth of female sexuality?  Not to mention You’ve Got Mail, which is notable for its humor, heart, and remarkably early take on Internet dating.  She’s also directed, produced, and acted, making her a powerful, irresistible, creative force.

In our favorite bit of NorEph triva, she figured out the identity of Deep Throat (via her then-husband, Carl Bernstein) and, like a delightful Queen Bee of Gossip, told anyone who asked, even though Deep Throat’s identity didn’t go “public” until 1995.

With her writing, Nora reminds us all to be strong, take-charge ladies.  She didn’t back down, and neither should we.  And just like Nora and many of the wonderful woman characters she’s given us throughout the years, we should always look at the world with a spark of optimism and a sense of humor.


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