Chicks Flippin’ The Script: #FightClub (Parody)

Chicks Flippin’ the Script – Girls doing guy movies. A parody of the original Fight Club trailer w/ a social media twist.

Created by Kasserole Productions

Kimberly Woods, Andrew Jordan, Stefanie Chin and Scott Forrester

In association with Winky Dink Media


Narrator – Kimberly Woods

Twyla Bourbon – Stefanie Chin


Allison O’Malley

Sophia Ventrone

Amber Wines

Johanna Burwell

Marika Taylor

Laura Juliane May

Nicole Wagner

Erin Tillman

Giovanna Mariela

Written by: Stefanie Chin

Directed and Edited by: Andrew Jordan

Produced by: Scott Forrester, Stefanie Chin, Andrew Jordan, Kimberly Woods

Music by: Mark Maxwell

Make Up: Laura Monteleone

Special Thanks: Jared Winkler, Theatre West, Roger Kent Cruz

Submitted by: Kimberly Woods


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