Chick Click: Bureaucracy for Breakfast

In addition to Bureaucracy for Breakfast, Gachman has also written and directed an award-winning comedy short film called Archer House.  She also pens film reviews for and occassionally contributes to Heeb Magazine, H Texas Magazine, and the Santa Monica Mirror.  Gachman describes her blog as “the continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment,” but we can’t seem to imagine that she will be “unemployed” for much longer.  Bureaucracy for Breakfast was recently featured by Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Comedy and is even on its way to being made into a book!

Needless to say, we are delighted and honored to have funnygirl Dina Gachman as our new gal pal and are even willing to let you in on our friendship (as long as you promise not to hog her).  Her writing is both off-the-wall and endlessly relatable, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.  If you’re a Comediva looking for more sites where a girl can get her giggle on, this chick click is for you!


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