Big Bang Theory Pick-Up Lines

If you’re looking to impress a nerdy crush, no ordinary come-ons will work…get some advice from Sheldon and the gang with these super-sweet and sometimes sciencey Big Bang Theory Pick-Up Lines!

Though Sheldon would probably calculate the cheese factor of these pick-up lines at 100%, a fellow nerd always enjoys a good bazinga.  Be like Howard, try anything and everything to land you a Bernadette!  Stranger things have happened…Leonard landed Penny, didn’t he?  And Raj would probably tell you that anything’s better than clamming up and staring at your crush in silence, right?  Go forth, nerds and nerdettes, and bazinga your crush!

Big Bang Theory Pick-Up Lines


************BBT 6

***BBT 7***BBT 8***BBT 9***
BBT 10***BBT 11***BBT 12

***BBT 13***BBT 14***BBT 15***BBT 16***BBT 17***BBT 18***BBT 19***BBT 20***BBT 21


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