Beer of Thrones

Written by Christian Krauspe (…)

Directed by Emily McGregor (

Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez (

Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes (

Production Coordinator – Suzy Pasqualetto (


Sawyer Hartman as Ned Stark (

Jess Lizama as Arya Stark (

Katie Wilson as Daenerys Targaryen (

Sam Weller as Viserys Targaryen (

Renee Dorian as Cersei Lannister (

Ben Begley as Jaime Lannister (

Kosha Patel Joffrey Baratheon (

Eric Schwartz as Slave Bro #1 (

Jeff Torres as Slave Bro #2 (

Ryan Barrington as Hodor (

Luis Navarro as Executioner (

Vickie Toro as Bran Stark (

Jill Cervantes as Nymeria

Luis Navarro as Narrator

Director of Photography – Chris Prizlaff (

Edited by Erika Cervantes

Sound Design by Sean Oakley (

Music by Chris Thomas (…)

Sound Mixer – Mike Robertson

Grip – Luis M. Navarro

Make-up Artist – Angie Johnson

Color – Chris Prizlaff, Brook Willard

Special Thanks to Monica Joy Sherer, her roommates, and her cat!


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