BAMF Girls Club: The Comic, Vol. 1.3

**Make sure to watch BAMF Girls Club Ep. 9 “The Case of the Purloined Purse,” before reading!**

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Hi!  I'm Erika.  I'm a comedy writer, a Chihuahua mama, a cupcake enthusiast, and most importantly...I keep the team well-sugared with motivational speeches and home-made cookies. Hello! I’m Luis Navarro, and I’m Comediva’s Director of Operations. Also known as, the token manslave. But when they let me out of my manbox, I often write and act in Comediva creations, and I’m the straight guy in Lesbros. I’m also a martial artist, a therapist, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars expanded universe, and I’m man enough to admit a fondness for unicorns. Maja Sukeile is always eager to try new techniques and mediums.  She lives in a lovely apartment next to her parents and grandmother in the small but beautiful village known as Glommersträsk. Like most children she would often dream up magical places and imagine all sorts of fantastic creatures as company and entertainment for her daily life.  But unlike most children, she never grew out of it. Welcome, step into her world.  See her work here!

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