BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 4)

Created by Vickie Toro (

Written by Erika Cervantes & Emily McGregor

Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez (

Directed by Emily McGregor (

Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes (


Aliza Pearl as Michonne (

Amanda Troop as Hermione (

America Young as Katniss (

Iselle Slome as Lisbeth (

Michelle Lang as Buffy (

Stephanie Bentley as Bella (

Luis Navarro as Announcer (

Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi (

Original Score by Chris Thomas (

Edited by Kevin Lipnos (

Sound Mix by Sean Oakley (

Associate Producer Andrew Seely (

Props – Linda Yvette Chavez

Chief Lighting Technician – Chris Pritzlaff

Grip – Luis M. Navarro

Make-up Artist – Val Harvey

Production Sound – Mike Robertson

Production Assistants – Vickie Toro & Samantha Christopher

Big Thanks to Andrew Seely and assorted roommates!

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