BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 11)

Oh BAMF! Buffy discovers there’s a Firedemon living in the BAMFyard. It’s up to her and her new team of Scoobies to slay it.

Check out the BAMF Girls’ continued shenanigans EVERY WEEK in the BAMF GIRLS CLUB COMIC!

Vol 1.1:…

Vol 1.2:…

Vol 1.3:…

Vol 2.1:…

Vol 2.2:…

Vol 2.3:…

Vol 2.4:…

Vol 2.5:…

Created by Vickie Toro (

Written by Erika Cervantes (

Directed by Emily McGregor (

Produced by Suzy Pasqualetto (

Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes (


Aliza Pearl as Michonne (

Amanda Troop as Hermione (

America Young as Katniss (

Iselle Slome as Lisbeth (

Michelle Lang as Buffy (

Stephanie Bentley as Bella (

Luis Navarro as Announcer (

Director of Photography – Chris Pritzlaff

Assistant Director – Linda Yvette Chavez (

Edited by Emily McGregor & Erika Cervantes

Original Score by Chris Thomas (…)

VFX by John Schulze

Sound Mix by Sean Oakley

Production Sound – Greg Fonda

Production Design/Script Supervisor – Samantha Christopher

Chief Lighting Technician – Tony Banando

Grip – Luis M. Navarro

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist – Kazu Okada

Production Interns – Juliana Polidor & Gina Scott

Special Thanks:
Luis and Teresita Navarro, Lorenzo Gracia, Dayra Gracia, Charlie Jastillana, and to Daisy, Bentley, and Koa for not barking too much

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