BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 1)

Written by Vickie Toro (

Directed by Emily McGregor (

Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez (

Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes (


Aliza Pearl as Michonne (

Amanda Troop as Hermione (

America Young as Katniss (

Iselle Slome as Lisbeth (

Michelle Lang as Buffy (

Stephanie Bentley as Bella (

Luis Navarro as Announcer (

Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi (

Original Score by Chris Thomas (

Edited by Kevin Lipnos (

Sound Mix by Sean Oakley (

Associate Producer Andrew Seely (

Props – Linda Yvette Chavez

Chief Lighting Technician – Chris Pritzlaff

Grip – Luis M. Navarro

Make-up Artist – Val Harvey

Production Sound – Mike Robertson

Production Assistants – Vickie Toro & Samantha Christopher

Big Thanks to Andrew Seely and assorted roommates!

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  1. April S.

    This is GREAT, gals! All my favorite characters (Bella excepted, ugh not a fan of Kristen Stewart) rock in this short. Keep them coming, wicked ladies! Would love to see special appearances by Effie Trinket, Luna Lovegood, and Willow Rosenberg…or Elena Gilbert of the Vampire Diaries!!!!

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