Autocorrect FU

Autocorrect FU: your F*ck ups reenacted. Comedy sketches using real text conversations f*ed up by autocorrect (we’ve all had ’em!).

“Autocorrect FU” bring to you cringe-worthy text conversations in weekly, snackable web sketches.

The channel’s creators are Christina Myers (Big Eyes, Swim Little Fish Swim) and Meredith Riley Stewart (Devious Maids, The Wolf of Wall Street). The duo uses text conversations f*ed up by autocorrect as the only dialogue for their series of sketches. Like Kristen Wiig and Carrie Brownstein, Christina and Meredith morph into wildly diverse characters, with quotable zingers that fans love to share.

We are a great fit for Comediva…first off, we’re funny ladies! Then, because of our streamlined approach to production, our short form content, and the replicable model of this concept. We have a formula of shooting three sketches in one day; each video clocks in at under 60 seconds; we work with up-and-coming directors as well as buzzy guest stars for constantly increasing subscribers. Fans also have the chance to see their own text conversations brought to life by submitting them. Our audience is anyone who owns a smart phone, ages 14 – 114!

In the style of Convos with My 2-Year-Old, and Tripp and Tyler, ACFU sketches can be found on YouTube (

Launching this year, the channel already has 20 videos and posts a new one every week, including bloopers, outtakes and meme’ed GIFs.

Submitted by: Meredith Riley Stewart


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