Ari and Emma Review Movies They’ve Never Seen: LOTR

As Ari and Emma get increasingly inebriated, they proceed to interweave the plots of movies they’ve never seen, across genres, spaces, and time. This week it’s LOTR (Lord of the Rings)!


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Featuring Emma Tattenbaum-Fine and Ariana Seigel

Written by Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

Director of Photography Nathan Blair

Edited by Melyssa Vazquez

Directed by Andrew Neisler

Make-up by Kelli Joelle Bartlett


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Ari and Emma are NYC-based comedy writers/actors, a dynamic duo that has collaborated to bring you "ariANDemma" - a web series chronicling what it's like to be people in the world doing stuff.

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