Anatomy of the Harry Potter Geek Girl



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Beau Kiniry hails from a town known for its BBQ seasoning and strawberries.  She’s a country bumpkin just tryin’ to make it in the big city.  Currently majoring in Film & Video Production at a community college, she has big dreams of seeing her name in lights one day, but until then, she’ll settle for a nametag.

Emily McGregor is the V.P. of Production at Comediva. Emily was that token girl in a vast sea of pimply-faced techno-geeks in her high school AV club.  Now, she develops content for the interwebs and directs webisodes and stuff.  (Psst... she directed The Divas and Guy Time.)  She also made that thing you just read; that thing right above this thing you're reading now. She hopes you liked it. If not, don't leave a comment.  If you did, send her flowers and whiskey.

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