What is Comediva?

[Comedy + diva = Comediva]

Smart, unique, hilarious, and always empowering…Comediva makes and showcases comedy for women.  Our mission is to increase the presence of women in comedy, and provide a one-stop shop for a girl to get her giggle on.  But Comediva is more than awesome, hilarious comedy — we’re all about awesome, hilarious people.

Meet Team Comediva:

erika_about_thumbHi!  I’m Erika Navarro.  I’m Comediva’s CEO and Founder.  I’m a comedy writer, a Chihuahua mama, a cupcake enthusiast, and most importantly…my dream is to build the place where the funny girls are, and that’s why you’re here.  And that makes my heart smile.  🙂  I work on all Comediva Originals in different capacities — writing, producing, and editing, mostly — and I keep the team well-sugared with motivational speeches and home-made cookies.  Follow me @iamerikanavarro

emily_about_thumbHey hey!  I’m Emily McGregor, and I’m Comediva’s VP of Production.  I also direct our original videos, but you won’t hear me say “my vision” because that just sounds douchey.  If you like our videos, send me whiskey and flowers.  If you don’t like them, don’t leave a comment.  Follow me @emilyontherocks

linda_about_thumbHola!  I’m Linda Yvette Chavez.  I’m Comediva’s VP of Programming.  I’m also a writer, director, and producer.  But, more importantly, I’m an ice cream connoisseur, travel junkie, and dog mama.  Do not challenge me to a dancing duel.  You WILL lose.  Follow me @lindayvette

luis_about_thumbHello!  I’m Luis Navarro, and I’m Comediva’s Director of Operations.  Also known as, the token manslave.  But when they let me out of my manbox, I often write and act in Comediva creations, and I’m the straight guy in Lesbros.  I’m also a martial artist, a therapist, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars expanded universe, and I’m man enough to admit a fondness for unicorns.  Follow me @luisn1

about thumb suzyWhy hello there!  I’m Suzy Pasqualetto, Comediva’s Production Coordinator and go-to gal for all our fellow funnygirls!  Around the office, you’re likely to see me coordinating meetings, organizing like a mofo, and eating all of the hummus.  I’m a big fan of animals, boys with lots of tattoos, good films, and sh*tty television.  Follow me @UghNotSuzy


And now, meet some of our fantastic funny girls:

“Comic geniuses.” – Today.com

“The lady answer to FunnyorDie and CollegeHumor.” – Jezebel

“Refreshingly unashamed female-driven comedy.” – Tubefilter

“Riotously funny.” – Crushable