90s TV Show Pick-Up Lines

Do you ever feel like romance is dead these days? Wish that you could have a love like the one you see on TV? Why not kill two birds with one stone and try landing yourself a hottie straight out of a 90s TV show? From Uncle Jesse to Joey Tribbiani, there were a lot of hunks on the other side of the millenium. Whether you’re a princess waiting for your Fresh Prince or just hoping to get wet with a dive in Dawson’s Creek, here are some 90s TV show pick-up lines guaranteed to work!

90s TV show pick-up lines

***90s TV show pick-up lines

***90s TV show pick-up lines

***90s TV show pick-up lines

***90s TV PUL 5

***90s PUL 6

***90s PUL 7

***90s PUL 8


90s TV PUL 9

***90s PUL 10

***90s PUL 11

***90s PUL 12

***90s PUL 13***

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