7 Walking Dead Crossovers We’d Like to See

The Walking Dead is ridiculously amazing on its own.  However, I couldn’t help but wonder what it might be like if the casts of some of my other favorite TV shows dropped in to help Rick and the rest of the gang out with the evil Governor (ugh) and the a-little-less-evil-but-yet-still-mostly-evil Woodbury.  Here are some possible crossovers that would make me want to hug strangers on the street from sheer bliss.


Walking Dead Friends

Could there be any more zombies?  That’s right, Chandler Bing and the rest of the sensational six (I just made that up) stumble across my favorite post-apocalyptic posse (another original), and it’s hard to imagine anything better.  Just think of how many zombies Joey would take out trying to save a meatball sub. And during those cold nights, the two groups could huddle together as Phoebe strums along to “Smelly Cat,” and Ross explains, again, that they were “ON A BREAK!”


HIMYM walking dead

It would be legen—wait for it but don’t wait too long or you might get your face eaten off—dary. Robin Scherbatsky packing heavy artillery and killing zombies all while being Canadian, what’s not to love?  Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: the girl carrying the yellow umbrella is a zombie, but Ted loves her anyway, because he’s such a Mosby.


You know what any good zombie apocalypse needs? The perfect cheer. Plus, the possibility of Michonne in a cheerleading uniform is right up there with unicorns and fairies. I feel like they can’t exist, but I really, really want them to anyway.


Walking Dead The Office

Close your eyes and imagine Jim Halpert’s face every time Rick explains a plan to the group. And let’s be honest, a few good confessionals are exactly what this show needs. I feel like the perfectly placed camera might catch a few longing glances from Darryl to Rick, but maybe that’s just my opinion.


Walking Dead True Blood

Five bucks says Sookie falls in love with a walker immediately. The girl has a fatal attraction for beings that can eat her, so the storyline would practically write itself. And zombies are pretty much the only species True Blood hasn’t included up to this point, and that’s pretty racist…zombie-ist?…if you ask me.

6.  GLEE

How many times could they spontaneously erupt into a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” before I’d get sick of it?  WRONG.  The answer is I could never get sick of it.  The Governor won’t be a problem any longer, as Mr. Schue and the McKinley High glee club find ways to make enemies into friends through the magic of music.  So, cue the intro to “Hey Jude,” and let Rick take the mic, because I’m betting he has an inner songbird just dying to escape. #RIPLori #NeverForget


Walking Dead Urkel

You guys, Steve Urkel in a zombie apocalypse. I cannot. I just…cannot.


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