7 Reasons Not to Feel Bad About Your Social Anxiety

If you’d rather get lost in space and drink your own urine than interact with another human, there’s a chance you’ve got social anxiety.  Social anxiety is a specific form of anxiety that’s characterized by a discomfort or a fear of social interactions.  Deep down, it’s a fear of being judged.  And the world is a judgy place, so it’s a natural feeling.  Maybe the worst part about social anxiety, though, is beating yourself up over your social anxiety.  So stop being so hard on yourself.  STAHHHHP!


Totes get it.  So here are 7 reasons NOT to feel so bad about your social anxiety.

1)  First of all, you’re so not alone.

You have the internet.  The internet is your friend because not only is it there for you when you don’t want to be around people, but you can safely interact with tons of other socially anxious people who make hilarious comics about social anxiety.

2)  Plus, a lot of the very best people suffer from social anxiety.

There’s Mr. Darcy…

Meredith Grey…195e5836012410c05883c280c8588cc5

And even Garth Algar!  GARTH ALGAR!  Garth Algar is the greatest!


3)  Cancelled plans don’t bum you out like most mere mortals.


The best part of social anxiety is that you have a unique capacity to turn cancellation-lemons into alone-time-lemonade!  A little alone time never killed anyone.  Well, as long as you’re not a character in a Stephen King novel or something.  You’re not, right?  Wait, am I?  AM I?!?!

4)  Your social anxiety has probably made you pretty popular in the animal community.


Which can only come in handy when the Singularity occurs and all your friends’ cats and dogs rise up to defend you, and you alone, against our robot overlords.  (The cats have been working on this plan for years, if you look closely at the internet).

5)  You won’t be caught using the phrase “in da club”

social anxiety

…Cuz that’s just unnecessary.

6)  Everyone is fucking awkward.

The truth is, while you’re standing around feeling awkward as hell at a social engagement, everyone around you is probably feeling awkward too, even if they don’t seem like it.  Either that, or they’re obsessing over how to win YOU over since you’re so hard to read.


Ah, that was your plan all along?  Well played, sir and/or madam.  Well played.

7)  It’s all about the baby steps.


One day at a time and all that.  Which means you totally deserve ice cream if you make it past this doormat.

…Mmm…ice cream.


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