The 7 Very Best Holiday Pranks

The holidays are a magical time when family and friends all gather, making it way easier to prank a bunch of ’em at once. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Solstice–we’ve your winter shenanigans covered with these 7 best holiday pranks to pull on your loved ones this year!

1. Surprise unsuspecting friends with a little Miley.

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2. Make a coworkers morning more festive (read: miserable).

best holiday pranks

3. Upset the neighborhood.

best holiday pranks

4. Give a practical but super lame gift.


5. We’re not encouraging grafitti, we’re just saying…

for lease navidad

6. With enough iPhone boxes, you could disappoint literally everyone you know. 

7. Do anything you want and just blame it on the Elf on the Shelf. 



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