6 Toys That Are Unintentionally Sexual

You’re out shopping for your niece’s bday present…. it’s an action figure, no wait, a sex toy? You’re not too sure, but hey, why not try it out?

Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver

It’s got a light, numerous settings, and yes, maybe you’ll travel
through time with Dr Who. Oh, and it’s basically a giant dildo, too.

Hawkeye Action Figure

He’s got a bow, he’s got an arrow… but, he’s also got a hot bod that 
could save your day.

Cinderella Costume

Damn Cindi, we didn’t know it was like that. This costume’s 
definitely not for your kid.

Police Officer Belt


Um, can we say, sexy cop? There’s something in here for everyone: handcuffs, a walkie talkie, and of course, a belt. Get criminal.

Barbie “She Said Yes”

Barbie said “yes” to what? We’ll leave that one up to your

Shrek Chia Pet

Grass growing out of Shrek’s head? There’s definitely something
 sexual about that.



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