6 Revolution Spin-Offs

TV’s new drama Revolution takes place 15 years after the world has lost all electrical power.

As Revolution grows in popularity, NBC has already capitalized on the show’s success by creating spin-offs that will work on the same type of premise.

Here’s your preview of some of those spin-off shows:

Disney Revolution


Chaos ensues after everything Disney mysteriously vanishes from the planet. In a world devoid of Disneyland, Pixar, and really gay cruise ship musicals, stars are no longer things to be wished upon and there are no more well crafted children’s stories available to make people cry and laugh at the same time. (People only aspire to work at Office Max now and reserve the act of “cry-laughing” for botched circumcisions.) The show follows a group of children who grow up without watching princess fairytales, leading them to become these weird kind of adults who have a healthy, realistic view of romantic relationships.

Apple Revolution


This show will explore a world in which all Apple products suddenly disappear. Here, “superior technological smugness” is nowhere to be found, rabid Apple fans have become mole people, and the most innovative, cutting edge company is… Microsoft. The show follows a family who must wander this post-iPocalypse with only a BlackBerry to lead the way. But will they ever find a baby whose fingers are small enough to type on that over-complicated, non-user-friendly device? Who knows?

Starbucks Revolution


Starbucks Revolution follows a world in which the famous coffee chain has mysteriously vanished from the earth. The show follows a group of broke college students who must navigate this frightening new world: forced to sit on curbsides in order to steal free Wi-Fi from unsuspecting houses, forced to fall asleep at the ungodly hour of 10 pm, and forced to get their part-time job at Chipotle.

Oprah Revolution


The show follows a group of middle-aged mothers struggling to survive in a world in which Oprah has mysteriously vanished—a world in which no one knows what books to read and everyone walks around aimlessly, without purpose, never having a single epiphany. Oh, the horror.

Google Revolution


This show will follow a group of High School teenagers living in a world in which Google has ceased to exist. The lengthy time it takes to find out who George McGovern was—or if that guy from One Direction is actually gay or just effeminate—causes the government to collapse and the country to split into militias. The teenagers’ only hope of survival is to check out books from a life-sized replica of a public library located at The Smithsonian. There is just one thing getting in their way: a complicated, archaic code that the ancient peoples called “The Dewey Decimal System.”

Nutella Revolution


No world is as scary as one in which Nutella has disappeared off the face of the earth. This show will follow a group of drifters who must resort to spreading only peanut butter and jelly on their bread… and sometimes: butter. 


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