5 Ways to Build a Group of Love and Support

by Joyful Julie

It’s pretty tough out there right now, and some of us don’t have big families or close friends to help keep our heads above water when the rain comes pouring down.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good, healthy, positive atmosphere to express yourself in and around people you trust.  Like Cheers!

Put out those good vibes, summon your inner light and call forth to your fellows with open arms, saying, “We are all one family, I accept you for who you are!”  If you build it, they will come!  If no one shows up, buy coffee.  People like coffee.

1. Coffee

I know this is a tad repetitive, but coffee is an addiction that can actually work for you in this case.  Also, I’ve noticed that hyperactivity causes people to think less, which is perfect for a group setting where emotions can be unlocked in order to find inner truth.  Just be… you know… very selective who in your group gets to have more than three cups.  If things go south, a stun gun only costs about $50, unless you can find a deal on Amazon.  Always remember to apologize with a smile afterwards!  Keep the trust alive!

2. Telephone Poles

These are the best way to advertise your group.  I don’t recommend internet postings, because you can’t be as selective of your crowd.  Yes, we love everyone and wish them peace and happiness, but I really don’t want to have to buy that stun gun if I don’t have to.  Post your group advertisement in a neighborhood that feels right to you.  Think of it as your own little lighthouse guiding the ships through the fog of life and into safe harbor!  Avoid posting next to a prison.  They have their own groups.

3. Games

Games are an excellent way to bring people out of their shells!  Plus it makes things more fun, and helps us tap into that inner child.  Good game ideas include: word association, charades, that game where you fall back and someone catches you, and even duck, duck, GOOSE!  Make sure you get a feel for your group before you try that one.  Also, make sure no one uses a walker.  Bad ideas for games: spin the bottle, “Never have I ever…,” and anything that includes beer, stripping or toilet paper.

4. The Circle of Trust

See that everyone sits in a circle, that way everyone can see everyone else and make those important connections that a group needs.  Think of the circle as a large yin/yang and together you are all forming the balance that the universe thrives on.  Also, make sure everyone sits guy/girl, otherwise the yin yang example will be inappropriate (One of my group mates thought I was literally separating the people with “yangs”).

5. Everyone Gets His/Her Week

It’s important that everyone has a voice in each session, but make sure to devote some special time to one person in particular during each meet up.  This allows the other group mates to play the role of “healer and leader,” by offering suggestions and support.  Everyone wins!  Follow up with things that were bothering your group mates last week and see how things worked out for them.  While we encourage this, remember you are the leader and that sometimes you may need to interject to keep things positive and on track.  Keep alert for “problem speech” so you can jump right in on a moment’s notice.  Examples are sentences that begin with, “I would have hit that…,” “This is why you suck ass…,” “But Glenn Beck said…” and “I read Twilight…”

Following these basic guidelines will help you build a strong foundation and help you form a team of true friends ready to support one another!


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