5 Companions to Shake Up Doctor Who

Let’s be honest: the Doctor is in a rut when it comes to his companions.

From Romana to Rose Tyler, they’ve all been resourceful, smart and a willing audience to his brilliance. These new companions would catapult the Doctor out of his comfort zone and may even make him wish for a long, quiet vacation.

Bender from Futurama

Doctor Who

Much like Lady Gaga, Bender lives for the applause-plause.

We all loved K-9, but he was a bit of a yes-bot. Bender Rodriguez doesn’t agree with anyone unless they’ve implanted a virus in him. As the Doctor saves one planet, Bender loots the next, and it’s only a matter of time before Bender steals the heart of the TARDIS for some robot-on-phone box action.  Whether the TARDIS dumps the Doctor or Bender joins up with the Cybermen to kill all humans, their brief partnership is sure to spawn a new super villain.

Samantha Stevens from Bewitched

Doctor Who

This odd coupling would make Oscar and Felix look like amateurs. With one nose twitch, Sam would override any complicated, dangerous plans by the Doctor by using magic. Why give the Master a chance to redeem himself when you can change him into a toddler-sized Weeping Angel who loves to play peek-a-boo?  Throw in Serena for some occasional mischief and the Doctor would soon have a twitch of his own.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

Doctor Who

Both are averse to relationships, and the science talk would be glorious, but you can’t house these two Doctors together, even in the seemingly infinite space of the TARDIS. One knows it all, and the other thinks he does; you decide which is which. The only certainty is that a few hundred years of “That’s my spot” would mean Sheldon’s dropped into prehistoric Pasadena with an intergalactic restraining order sewn into his shirt.

Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek

Doctor Who

One fought the Borg, the other fought the Daleks. This is a logical match made in Heaven, right? Nah. It’s the ultimate Christmas special, with Ian McKellen as the Doctor. The duo can only save the Earth if someone on Twitter can piece together the clues from a series of adorable photos scattered across the Internet. Or has that already happened? Mind. Blown.

The crew of Firefly

BAMF 3.2 thumb

Check out the Firefly crew’s appearance in the latest BAMF Girls Club comic!

Sure, keeping track of all these companions would test the Doctor’s patience, but it would be worth it to see Jayne turn the TARDIS’ spare rooms into arms smuggling bins while Wash and Kaylee fix the TARDIS up and learn how to fly her right. Meanwhile, Dr. Song must choose between her Sweetie and Captain Tightpants, while Inara shows the Doctor a few new tricks with his sonic screwdriver. Not sold yet? How about this: A Tale of Two Rivers—The Showdown.


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  1. Amy

    Any one of the Firefly cast would do. Perhaps Zoe. Or Mal’s “wife.” I swear by my pretty floral bonnet it would be amazing!

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