4 Actresses Who Could Reboot Superhero Movies

The geekverse gets its collective Underoos in a twist each time an actor is cast in yet another superhero movie reboot. What they don’t realize is after a few rounds, there’re not many untapped actors left. Hollywood had to bring in Ben Affleck. Hugh Jackman can’t make them all, people!

So instead of steeling yourself against the inevitable Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy movie starring Abe Vigoda and Carrot Top, ponder something a bit more genderbendy.

Here’re four actresses who could easily reboot some classic superhero franchises.

Angelina Jolie as Toni Stark

angelina jolie badass wanted

She’s smart, plus she has the acting chops and the swag to play a brilliant billionaire playgirl.  This former Lara Croft would slide into Stark’s skin and suit like a glove, whether she’s building a miniature arc reactor in a cave or prodding villains with sheer attitude in front of the televised world. Admit it, you’re already imagining her in The Avengers, attempting to taunt Anne Hathaway until she Hulked out.

Sandra Bullock as Clarice Kent

sandra bullock glasses

Just like your first Doctor, you never forget your first Superman and for many people, that was Christopher Reeve. Bullock has that same straight arrow vibe, and she could crank the franchise from gritty back to fun again. (C’mon, that “S is for hope” just doesn’t float with us.) She can play bumbling reporter Clarice Kent and woman of steel with ease, and she could face off with Melissa McCarthy as Lex Luthor, the one actress guaranteed to out-camp Gene Hackman. Still not convinced? Five words: Ryan Gosling as Louis Lane.

Dame Judi Dench as Professor X

dame judi dench

She’s played Bond’s “M” and Queens Elizabeth and Victoria, so why not give her more power?  Dench narrowly edges out Maggie Smith, Downton dowager and Professor McGonagall, for this role because she can show just enough compassion to a young mutant while judging their talents with an intimidating look. Both are kick-ass actresses, but just imagine a bald, wheelchair-bound Dench matching wits with Helen Mirren as Magneto. Are those goosebumps? Yes they are.

Gina Torres as Brenda Wayne

gina torres badass zoe firefly

It takes a Big Damn Hero to wear the Batcape. She’s already proven she can deftly handle the weapons and gear, but she needs a broader canvas to paint the conflicted badass everyone knows she can become. She doesn’t growl “I’m Batman,” she just leaves the villains in Arkham Asylum’s night deposit box. Throw in Jennifer Lawrence as Robin and you have a crime-fighting duo who can banter and bash the bad guys in true superhero style.

What female star would you like to see reboot your favorite superhero franchise? Sharesies in the comments!

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  1. kiara

    I’m gonna have to give you some credit on this. I read this post out of curiousity. I’m not a big fan of changing characters (male to female, white characters to black, etc) when it comes to comics and estasblished superhero’s. BUT, you made some really good picks for the concept you’re wrting about. Gina as Bats is spot on!

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  3. Lynell

    I would love to see Summer Glau as Spiderwoman. She’s got the lithe body, and just enough sass and angst to pull off Patrice Parker.

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