11 Smiling Animals That’ll Make Your Day

Animals: they’re just like us.  Or so we like to think.  It might be our own narcissism, but we humans love to imagine that animals have human emotions and expressions.  But animals have a lot to smile about.  They get to shit outside.  They get tons of belly rubs.  And they watch barely any reality TV.

Smiling animals remind sad humans of happier times.  So enjoy these adorable, smiling animals below, before you have to go back to your sad human life.

Seal: HAHAHA. Tourists let me get away with everything.


Puppy: DUDE. BRO. It’s a good day.


Panda: Aw man, every time I see a human I just have to crack up because you’re all sooooo baaaaaaaald LOLOLOL


Hedgehog: Look at me, I’m tiny and adorable but touch my spines and you’ll be IN A WORLD OF HURT.smiling-hedgehog

Zebra: Not to be a hater, but stripes are my thang, silly human.


Cat: Sure, human. You’re in charge.


Pug: HAHAHA, Mommy, you are so funny. I will always laugh at your jokes.


Sloth: I’m smiling because I’m friendly or I plan to kill you. You guess which.


Owl: And then I dropped off this letter to Harry Potter from the Ministry and I kid you not, he nearly shit himself. LOL


Fish: I was on the front lines looking for Nemo. Yeah, pretty proud of that.


Dog: I have SO MANY FRIENDS. #popular



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