10 Ways to Know if Your Man is Secretly a Brony

A brony is an grown-ass man who has fallen in love with the new My Little Pony re-boot. Bronies are crawling all over the internet, participating in fan art, stories, mashups, porn, and festivals. But is there a brony crawling in your bed at night? If your man does pretty much any of the following, the answer is probably yes.1. He occasionally makes generalized statements using the term “everypony” instead of “everybody.”

2. He buys everything he can with this color palette: Purple, pink, yellow, white, blue, and orange.

3. He follows “@HasbroNews” on Twitter.

4. He likes to brush your hair for prolonged periods of time with a small pink brush.

5. You find copious receipts from Toys-R-Us in his nightstand.

6. He eats a s**t-ton of apples.

7. His Facebook cover art is made up of some weird fan interpretation of the show’s art. Possibly done ironically, but probably not.

8. He purchased a pair of fun, pink ears for you; they look like pony ears. Why would he want you to wear pony ears?  Oh……

9. He suggested Equestria as fun a vacation destination, laughed it off like he was joking, then looked longingly out the window.

10. He really f**king loves friendship.

Not dating a Brony yet? What are you waiting for?! Use these sweet Brony Pick-Up Lines!


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  1. Gwefr

    That is effing hilarious…and kinda reminds me of my brother, who is 28. Now my son is into it too because his uncle likes it 🙂 I think it’s great 🙂

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