10 Untrue Things About Edgar Allan Poe

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1.  Edgar Allan Poe’s hair was so soft and silky black because it was actually made of live ravens.

Source:  crisvector.com
Source: crisvector.com

2.  Poe didn’t even like wine.

3.  He made all his friends refer to him as “Edgar Allan Bro.”

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Source: craigboyce.com

4.  He always lost at Jenga.

comediva edgar allan poe book week
Source: gersonwatanuki.deviantart.com

5.  Poe’s favorite Baldwin brother was Daniel.

6.  He saw Titanic in theaters 17 times.

7.  Poe’s favorite animal was a baby penguin, because babies in tuxedos made him laugh.

comediva penguin
Oops, wrong Penguin!

8.  Poe could smell colors.

9.  He once got drunk at a party and made a pass at his Aunt Maria Clemm and that’s what The Raven is really about.  Nevermore, bro, nevermore.

comediva edgar allan poe book week
Source: quickmeme.com

10.  Poe actually wanted to be a rodeo clown when he grew up but he didn’t think red did anything for his skin tone.

edgar allan poe comediva book week
Source: dragoart.com

Tell us in the comments below, what grisly torments would Poe write for the characters of Twilight?  Or Harry Potter?  Bellatrix Lastrange FTW?!


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